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Consequences Of Filing False 498A Cases

IPC 498A

There is a lot written about horror faced by families who get entangled in 498A cases, but nothing is said about the consequences faced by women who file these cases, if the plan backfires. 498A is ultimately a gamble. These women file cases at the advice of their lawyers, close relatives with vested interests or just to persecute the hubby and in-laws or to defraud the hubby and his family as they know that this law is actually designed to be more effective as a tool for extortionists and blackmailers than for protecting women facing dowry harassment or domestic violence.

The best source to know more about the consequences of filing a false case is the document by Madhu Purnima Kishwar ( She is a respected fighter for women’s rights, unlike the tabloid feminists of today who misrepresent facts and who hog the headlines with shrill statements (remember…

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Unearthing menstrual wisdom – Why we don’t go to the temple, and other practices

Mythri Speaks

On the second year of the world menstrual hygiene day on May 28th, I write this blog. I write it as I read articles, posters and materials dismissing cultural practices around menstruation, calling them Menstrual Taboos. I write it as I read about organizations deciding for Indian women based on what they think is superstitious beliefs which need to be uprooted. I write, for all the women across India, who follow menstrual rituals and have asked me what these practices signify. I write for the men who have never known what to make of menstrual practices – to support them or to dismiss it. I write because I feel responsible for reviving what has been lost. I write with the learning and the realization that none of these practices were originally meant to suppress women.

Over the last one year, my team has traveled to 8 States across India to…

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Is Feminism Anti-Feminine Movement?

One of the important factor in intra-sex war is competition manipulation. If you have a boyfriend who is smart enough like Matt Hummels or Miroslav Klose, then you’’ll encourage him to visit your workplace. Nevertheless, if a woman who is... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Sita’s Agni Pariksha

Much has been spoken about Rama asking Sita to perform Agni Pariksha in Ramayana. Turns out, it's a misconception build up in a systematic strategic way to show Rama in bad light, may be.

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